Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas party, Movie night, Skype!

Hey! Thanks for the email! Christmas was pretty great but I didn't
even feel like Christmas because I wasn't with my family oh well.
Christmas Eve was a non pros day so it was a day off. So we went to a
family's house and ate dinner there. After dinner we acted out the
nativity, that was fun. After we were done with that we were invited
to a party in Chevy chase which is the rich part of Washington, D.C.
Long story short the guy who invited us is kinda off. So he invited
tons of missionary's because he loves missionary's. We were having a
great time, the food was awesome, the games were fun, but at the end
of the night Harold, they guy who invited us, ended up being super mad
at all the missionary's. I guess he wanted to eat with the
missionary's so he set his plate down next to me asked if he could sit
there I told him yeah for sure. He went to sit down and he forgot a
drink so he got up to get one. In the meantime another elder sat down
in his spot and when Harold came back the elder who sat in his spot
told him sorry, but Harold told him no it was fin. That little
incident ruined his whole night. I feel bad for him. And what makes it
even worse he bought all the missionary's who came to the party ties.
     On Christmas Santa visited me and he gave me some awesome gifts
like Basketball shoes and cup stacking game. After the apartment got
done opening up there presents we got ready and went to the visiter
center for our mission Christmas devotional. It was really good. At
the end of that we were able to watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 and
it was a pretty sweet movie. I did not realize how much I miss movies.
After the movie we went over to the stake center for our mission
lunch/ talent show. There are lots of talented missionary's. There
were lots of singing, dancing, and even some rapping haha. The dinner
was really good. We had tons of turkey mash potatoes, and tasty salad.
After dinner we opened our Christmas presents form the mission. We got
a t shirt and a nice water bottle. Both of them customized for the dc
north mission. After we were done with all the mission stuff we went
to the church and Skyped our family's yay! Haha that was really great.
Only problem with that was my iPad died and I had 20 minutes left so I
had to borrow one of my roommates iPad. After we were done with that
we went to a family in the wards house and ate dinner. It was really
good! And they were very nice and gave us some nice watches. I think
that is pretty much everything that happened this week.
   Thank you so much for the email and all that you do have a great week!
Love Elder Johnson

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