Monday, December 15, 2014

Elder Elliot is an Anacostia vet & Starting the New Testament - 12/15/2014

Sounds like it has been pretty great for you guys! I love hearing all the things going on. This week has been pretty good! Not much has happened because it's transfer week but I did get a new companion. He is really cool. His name is Elder Elliott. He served in Anacostia for 9 months before this go around. He asked if he could come back and so they put he here because you can't really find missionary's that want to come here ha ha. So this week has been a lot of him catching up with people he use to serve and this week is going to be great.  We will being making a lot of progress this transfer compared to my last transfer.  We are going to turn this area around because it's kinda dead right now. 

In other news I started the new testament because I finished the Book of Mormon. I'm really excited, I have never read it before so I am enjoying that. I will be for sure sending out a scripture of the week on Facebook. They are now going to be coming from the New Testament instead of the Book of Mormon. 

I will be sending Christmas packages this week so they should get there on time for Christmas. They should probably be arriving hopefully early next week or late this week.

Have a great week! 

Love elder Johnson 

PS. I met a member of the Crip Gang, and we got gym passes at Golds Gym (oh yeah!)

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