Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Concert, Oh Christmas Trees, and a Christmas Eve Package Delivery - 12/21/2014

I'm really excited really excited to talk to all of you guys on Christmas! It's gonna be a great day. I still don't have really any details but I will let you know over email. It's good to here all the fun things you are all doing. I love it so much.

This week has been pretty good and also really exhausting. We got hit our 20 lesson quota and we talked to tons of people. We also got to go to the visitor center and listen to a Broadway singer who was in my last ward. It was so sweet. Other then that I don't have to much more to say. 

I am so excited to talk to everyone on Thursday. Oh and I forgot to tell you last time but I have 6 "Oh Christmas Trees" (23 total) you can add to your count ha ha. I also sent the Christmas package and it should get there on Christmas Eve. I had to send everything in one package. So the things you can give to Terlynn will be 5 of the something something's I sent. One of them is different and that is for her. Sorry this will make a lot more sense when you see what it is. I also got Dexter one, Dax, Taj, Jossie one, and one for each of our family members. Well I love you dad but I gotta get going. 

Thanks for everything. I'll tell you the details in the upcoming days. Love you dad. Have a great week!


Elder Johnson 

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