Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snowed in Again, Scott and Sonya Come to Church, and Missing Igor - 02/23/2016

Hello Everyone! 

I hope you all had a great week! Last week was little bit of a struggle:

Monday we did not do much we. We ended up getting snowed in again, so we really didn't do too much. We finally broke out and ended up walking to the church to play some basketball and that is what we did for the rest of the day. 

Tuesday we were able to meet with a part-member family that the past missionary's had been working with. The lesson went pretty well, the father of the family is a member that has not been to church in a little while because of his work and his wife is not a member. 

Wednesday we were able to meet with Igor and the lesson went really well. He has opened up to us a lot. 

Thursday we met with our ward mission leader and his family for dinner and we talked about some thing that the ward mission needs help with. It was a good talk! Elder Lee and I are getting s better hang of the area, but we are still meeting with members to be able to get to know them. I feel as we do that we will be able to have a better grasp on where the ward needs help and where the ward can help us. Later that night we had a lesson with a couple of our investigators, Scott and Sonia. The lesson went really well and they said that they would come to church! 

Friday we met with a less active guy in ward named Ghee Hall. We met a Ghee in a Starbucks coffee shop. We started off introducing ourselves and got to know Ghee for a little while and it was really fun. Ghee is a very funny man who likes to joke around. Sometimes it was hard to tell if he was joking or not. He told Elder Lee that he could order a coffee and we weren't sure if he was serious or not. It was a fun lesson. 

Saturday was the day where it started to get a little frustrating. We had an appointment with Igor for sometime in the afternoon. We went and checked up on his house but his housemates told us that he had gone on a walk. Elder Lee and I decided to go and try to find him. We started driving down the streets looking on both sides see if we could find any signs of Igor.  We finally found him, probably about a mile from his house. He was on a super busy road so there was no way for us to pull over and talk to him so we drove around the block and parked on a side street. We gave him a call and he said that he would still like to meet after he had finished his walk. So while we waited for him to finish his walk we drove around checking on potentials, less active's,  and former members. After little while we checked back in on him. He told us that he was no longer able to meet because he had another appointment that he had to attend. 

Sunday we had our normal services. Igor was supposed to come but we were unable to get a hold of him. After our early-morning ward council meeting we went and checked up at his house to see if we could get in contact with him but we were unable to. Fortunately, Sonya, Scott, and Scott's daughter all came to church. It was good to see them, they had not been to church since we have been in the area. During second hour Elder Lee and I gave him a lesson on Jesus Christ. After the second hour Sonia and Scott and Scott's kid had to leave. While they were at church the ward did a great job of fellowshipping.  It was really great to see. After church we had a lesson with a less active man whose wife is investigating the church. It was supposed to be both of them, but his wife was busy at work, so we were not able to meet with her, but we still had a good time teaching and getting to know the husband. And later on the day we were able to attend the "Why I Believe" fireside. We were supposed to bring Igor, but we were not able to contact him, so it did not work out. The fireside was awesome! Betsy Perez was supposed to be giving her testimony but her mother-in-law had an emergency operation performed so she did not speak. She will be speaking at next months fire side. The keynote speaker was Sister Givens the wife of the man who spoke last month. She gave a really good talk about why she believes.  I'm so very sorry about this late email I will try to get it out sooner next week. Have a fantastic week and I hope to hear from all of you again thanks again!


Elder Johnson

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