Monday, February 15, 2016

Football on the National Mall, Loudest Lesson Ever, Senior Missionary Cupids, and a Baptism that Started Off Cold, but Ended HOT - 02/15/2016

Hey everybody what's up!

It's time for another weekly email. This week has been pretty great. We are finally kinda getting the hang of our area. 

On Monday we went down to The national mall and played football with lots of elders. It was great to see everyone especially because we are not able to meet as a mission anymore. After football we went to the mall to get lunch and then we chill the rest the day until it was Time to go to a member meal. During this member meal Elder Lee, my companion, started getting super bad hiccups. He then ran to the restroom. When he came out he told me that we should probably go. It turned out that he got sick so we went home. That was our Monday night.
On Tuesday we met with a recent convert from the ward. His name is R****z and he is from Jordan. He is really cool guy and he is preparing to go to the temple. After we have finished up with him we spent pretty much the rest of the day checking on referrals and contacting. A little bit later in the day we had an appointment with a less active man by the name of Brother S*****k. He is an older man with some health problems, so he is not able to make it to church. The missionaries had been meeting with him for a while now so we kept up the tradition. Brother S*****k is pretty much deaf, which made the lesson pretty interesting. We literally had to yell at him the entire time. When we thought we were talking loud enough he would stare at us like he had no idea what we said. There were a few times during the lesson that I had to stop myself from laughing. I had to say the prayer at the end of the lesson. It was so hard not to laugh. I am pretty sure the neighbors two houses down heard everything we said. We should have counted that as a member present. When we finished up with him it was time to go ward correlation with our ward mission leader and the other missionaries in the ward.
Wednesday we had our weekly planning session which consisted of mostly calling people trying to set up appointments. After we finished weekly planning we went finding for a little while then we headed to dinner with the family in the ward.

Thursday we had our district meetings. Probably the most entertaining part of that was one of the senior elders dressed up like Cupid and handed all the missionaries valentines candy. It was pretty funny, but I also felt very uncomfortable ha ha. The worst part of the day was that we had almost all of our appointments cancel on us so we had to go about finding. When it came to dinnertime we walked over to the member who is feeding us. Turned out he was still at work and the only person who is home was his son-in-law. Elder Lee and I talked had an awesome conversation with him. He is a really cool guy, he is from Florida and right now he is doing an internship. He is a convert of only few years so it was really cool here how the Gospel has blessed his life. After we finished talking with him we walked back to our apartment. As soon as we walked through the door we got a call from the member who was supposed to feed us. He told us that he just had gotten home and that we could come back over and eat dinner with him. It was a pretty funny dinner, everything was just thrown together and it was actually really good. The member's name is Brother S*****n. He works for the United States Army and I am guessing he does some pretty crazy stuff because he would not talk about his job at all.
Friday was a pretty good day. We had a referral given to us by another missionary. He set up an appointment for us. We taught this lady the first lesson and it went pretty well. She seemed kind of interested and she said she would come to church when she got a day off, but she is generally pretty busy. Hopefully we will be able to meet with her again. After we had finished with her we are headed over to a member who had just recently moved into the ward. She Asked us to come over and give her a blessing because of some hardships of her life. It was awesome to be able to use the priesthood to help her. Later that day we spend time checking on referrals again. I wish so bad that they would pick up their phones and answer their doors. Later that night we had an appointment with some investigators. Their names are S***t and S***a. The missionaries have been working with them for quite some time now and it was great to be able to introduce ourselves and get to know them. S***t had a baptismal date, but an issue came up in one of the lessons. We found out that he still wants to work towards baptism which is great! We hope everything works out with him.

On Saturday we had a few appointments. We were checking on this lady who had requested missionaries to come over and give her a book of Mormon. We had given her a Book of Mormon about a week ago, but we were not able to teacher. So Elder Lee and I dropped in to see if she was home. Her husband answered the door and he invited us in. The lady who had requested the missionaries was asleep so we talked with her husband. He's a really cool guy with some struggles in his life right now. We talked to him about the restoration briefly and he said that it was very interesting and he would like to learn more, but not at this time because of some things that are going on in his life right now. After we had finished talking with him. We decided we would drop in on the Igor. We had not been able to get a hold of Igor the entire week and it was kind of frustrating because he is our main guy right now. We knocked on the door and it turned out he was home and he was really excited to see us. He told us that his phone had not been working properly so it has been hard for people to get a hold of him. We taught him a few of the Commandments and he says that he does not have any problems except for coffee. He hasn't had coffee for a few weeks now, but he is having a hard time ignoring the temptation.

Sunday was pretty exciting. We had our normal church services and then we had a ward baptism right after church. The ward mission leader had put Elder Lee and I in charge of filling the font. While we start to fill the font we noticed that the water was really cold. We talked to the ward mission leader about it and he told us that there was a hot water heater in the basement that we may have to adjust. So Elder Lee, myself, and the ward mission leader went down to the basement to turn up the water heater. We went to the baptismal font and the water was heating up. When it came to the baptism I guess it wasn't enough. The water was still really cold. During the confirmation the fire alarm started going off. As soon as the blessing is over everybody evacuated the church building. Couple minutes later about four fire trucks pulled into the church parking lot and started to investigate the building. It turns out that the hot water heater overheated and it started to produce a lot of steam which set off the fire alarms. It brings a whole new meaning to baptism by fire.

Well that was pretty much our week. 

Have a fantastic week and I hope to hear from you soon


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