Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Progress with Scott and Sonia, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, More Bad Weather, Exchanges with the Spanish Elders, and Josh's Farewell - 02/29/2016

What is up everyone! This week has been a pretty entertaining week. 

On Monday we got together with a bunch of missionaries and played some basketball after that it was the normal P-Day routine with shopping and what not. Once P-Day ended, we had an appointment with our investigator's Scott, Sonia, and Sonia's kids. It ended up to be us trying to teach a 9 and an 11 year old because both Sonia and Scott were busy working on different projects around the house. It didn't go so well.
On Tuesday we were invited over for lunch with the Legendary Sister Mayes. She is famous in this mission for feeding the missionaries and having them eat Scotch Bonnet peppers. It was a lot of fun and I even survived the pepper, kinda. My stomach pretty was bad for a good chunk of the day. After the lunch we spent time finding and trying to get a hold of referrals.
Wednesday I woke up not feeling well. So we spent the day inside trying to get a hold of people and trying to set up appointments. Later on in the day the DC area was hit with a massive wind/rain storm. We were told that everyone must get inside as soon as possible.
It wasn't till later we found out that there was a tornado warning for parts of Virginia, DC and Maryland.
Thursday we had our zone conference and it turned out really well. All the workshops were excellent. Sister Cooke gave an awesome lesson about how important it is to set up a scripture in a lesson and how you must give it context because it gives it so much more meaning. After the Zone conference I  went on exchange with one of the Spanish elders in our zone. That was probably the least meaningful exchange I have ever been on. All the lessons and the dinner appointment were in nothing, but Spanish. Every single person we met with did not speak English at all. It was kinda funny I tried so hard to look like I was interested in what they were saying, but it was so hard haha. Other than that is was a fun exchange.
Friday we spent the entire day helping an older lady move her stuff into a storage shed. We all had a fun time helping out this member in need. When we finally finished we had a meal appointment with some members in the ward. The family was really cool! The dad of the family had retired recently so has picked up the hobby of building harps. He took us all over his house and showed us all the harps that he had made and repaired. He played a little rendition of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and it sounded sweet! This guy is also really into a type of bike. I can't remember what they are called for the life of me. They are the bikes with the huge front wheel and a small back wheel. They were really popular back in the day. Anyway this guy has a whole collection of them and he said we could give them a try as the weather warms up.
Saturday we helped some other people move some things into their house for awhile. After we had finished that we checked on some former investigators and other people that the past missionaries were teaching, but we had no luck.
Sunday we had our normal church service. We ended up with quite a few people. Sonia and Scott were able to make it. A recent convert came with her non-member kids that we are trying to work with and a few other non-members showed up because one of the young men in the ward had his farewell talk. He is being shipped off to the Salt Lake West Mission. Scott and Sonia are really enjoying church and we are hoping to put them on date next time we meet with them. We also spent some time talking with some of Josh's (he's the one going on the mission) non-member friends, getting to know them. After church we tried checking up on Igor because we haven't heard from him in a while. I guess he has picked up another job so it will be hard to get a hold of him. Hopefully we will be able to track him down this week and straighten a few things up with him. Later that day we headed over to Josh's for his farewell party. It was really fun getting to know Josh and his friends. Hopefully we will be able to stay in contact with them after Josh leaves.

Well That was my week! Hope all of you are having a good time! Take care!

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