Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Escape From the Snowed-In Apartment, Hoop Dreams, Snow Shoveling, Blessing for GG, Temple Trip, Transfers and Training, and BETSY's BAPTISM!!! - 02/01/2016

Hello everyone! How is it going?! This week has been an amazing week! It will for sure be one that I will never forget:

Monday we were finally able to get out of our house. We were allowed to use our cars from 3 pm to 6 pm so for those 3 hours we spent the time just out and about. When it got to be 6 pm we went back inside. Our dinner appointment was nice enough that they came and picked us up so we could still have dinner with them. After dinner we were supposed to go to Betsy's. The family we had the dinner appointment with was willing to take us over. Unfortunately, on our way over to Betsy's we go stuck behind a snow plow so we were not able to get to her house.
On Tuesday we went to the Stake Center to go and play basketball. Elder Bentley and I were the first ones to get there. When we pulled up we saw that the entire parking lot of the church was buried with 3 feet of snow. We thought that there was no way we would be playing basketball so we started to drive home. A few minutes later we get a call from one of the Elders we play with telling us to get back there. We parked across the street at an elementary school. With nothing but our shorts on, we made the long journey to the front doors. It was flipping cold! #BallisLife. After we had finished basketball, we got ready and had our study's. After our studies  we were able to get over to Betsy's. We had the Zone leaders come with us so they could conduct the baptismal interview and Betsy passed! That was probably one of the shortest interviews I have ever seen. After her interview we started setting up her Baptismal Program. We decided, with the Ward Mission Leader, that we should scoot her baptism to Saturday so she could be confirmed on Sunday. After we had that all set up I was able to give Betsy's daughter, GG, a blessing. She had surgery the next day so we thought it would be a good idea to give her a blessing. It was probably one of the cutest things ever ( I promise I am a man). She was just kneeling down playing with her toys and we all came around her and placed our hands on her head. It was such a sweet experience. After Betsy's we met up with our roommates and we headed to lunch at Chick-Fil-A and Cheryl was there. She hooked all of us up with multiple free Chicken Sandwich cards. After lunch we pretty much spent the entire day shoveling people out of the snow. He helped some of the sisters in our district get there cars out of the snow. It was really fun! It was very tiring though. Since the snow storm had melted a little,  the snow is now really heavy and wet.
Wednesday we had our temple trip as a mission! As always it was a great experience. It was especially great because we are no longer allowed to gather as a mission because of some changes in Salt Lake. So now we don't get to see everyone very much. After lunch we had our regular meeting with Harold. After our visit with Harold we headed to our Ward Mission Leader's for dinner. During dinner we set up the program for Betsy's baptism. Everything went really smoothly. During this whole week we had contact with her sister-in-law, who is a member. She helped us out so much.
Thursday we spent the entire day shoveling snow for random people. It was very fun, but it was also very, very tiring. At the end of the day I got a call from the Mission President. He told me I am going to be training again. I am still not sure my feelings on that.
Friday we headed down to the church's book store and we were able to scrounge up enough money and we were able to buy Betsy a quad for her baptism. In this quad Elder Bentley and I wrote our testimonies in it. Then we gave it to the sisters who had also worked with her, so they could write their's. After we had finished getting that all organized we went back to Harold's to have lunch and also pick up a crystal Washington, D.C. Temple cube for Betsy. After we had finished with Harold. We went and visited Sister Puckett. We made some sick eagle shirts with her.
Saturday was Betsy's Baptism!! It was awesome!! Everything went awesome! Her bother-in-law performed the baptism. Everything went very smoothly. After Betsy was baptized, her mother-in-law gave a super powerful talk. She also said that her family had been praying for years for Betsy to be baptized and for her husband to come back to church. She said that they almost gave up on Christmas. Elder Bentley and I got a hold of her a couple days after Christmas. It was really cool to hear how very thing just fell into place. That was probably my favorite baptism that I have attended on my mission. I love Betsy and her family so much! The rest of the day was spent shoveling snow whoop whoop!!
Sunday Betsy got confirmed so now she is officially a member of the Church! Ahhhh! So great! We had Ward Conference so it was very long day. After church we had the Ward Council meeting with everyone. After the meeting we went straight to dinner with a few families. It was a fun night!
So I am very sorry for emailing super late, but it has been a pretty crazy day! So we had our zone active and we went ice skating and it was really fun! After that we headed back to our apartment and filmed another dance off video and it is sick! After we did that we went to dinner with a great family in the ward and after that we went and visited Betsy and her family. It is so sad. I am getting transferred out of the area and so it was the last time I will see them for a bit. They gave me a small package full of things. They even got me a small iHome speaker! Gosh I am going to miss them. Anyway thanks for everything!! Take care!


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