Monday, February 8, 2016

Transferred to White Oak, Bitter Sweet Goodbyes in Derwood, Aussie Companion, and Getting to Know the New Ward - 02/08/2016

Hello everyone! I hope that you all have had a great week. My week has been a little crazy!

On Monday we just had a ton of fun with our zone. We had lunch at our local chapel then we headed to the ice skating rink. It was a great way to close out the transfer. That night we got the phone calls that told us where we were going and who our companion was going to be. I found out that the kid that I was suppose to train was a visa waiter and it turned out that he got his visa so he is not coming to our mission which means I am not training. The companion that I am getting is Elder Lee and we were both leaving our old areas and heading to the White Oak Ward. I was super surprised and shocked. The crazy thing about being sent to White Oak is that Igor, our old investigator, moved into White Oak last week. So I will be able to teach him! I am so pumped about that! 

Tuesday had our last district/zone meeting and it was very bitter sweet. Most of that zone has stayed for a while and they were making some big changes to the areas. After the meeting we did our tour around the ward. It was really hard saying goodbye to the ward. It was for sure one of my favorite areas. The last stop of the night was Betsy and her family. It was very hard to say goodbye. That family is so awesome! the kids had put together a thank you basket. That was one of the nicest things that someone has done for me. When we got home I spent the rest of the night packing. 

Wednesday we headed to the stake center to meet our new companions. My new companion, Elder Lee, is from Australia which is pretty sweet! He is a really cool guy. He has been out on his mission for about 6 months now. We spent pretty much the whole day trying to get situated. Since we were packing a lot of people's stuff we had to run back up to my old apartment and pick up the rest of my things because they would not fit into the car. 

Thursday we had our missionary meeting with the new zone. It was really fun, but really weird. There are so many missionaries that I have no idea who they are. They all seem great though. After the meeting we went shopping. After shopping we ate then we checked on a bunch of referrals. 

Friday we spent the entire day checking referrals in the area. 

Saturday we were able to get permission to go up to Derwood and have lunch with Betsy, her family, Elder Bentley, and Elder Woodis. It was great to see them again. After we had ate lunch we were able to meet a couple of members from the ward. 

Sunday we went to church and we really started to get to know the members in the ward. Overall this week has been pretty slow trying to get use to the new area. We are really excited for the work. 

Thanks for all the support guys! 

Have a fantastic week!

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