Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Week, Further Lesson's with Betsy and Igor, Back Flip's and So You Think You Can Dance!!! - 01/25/2016

What is up everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and you all had an awesome week! I know I did haha. 

Monday was pretty chill. We didn't do anything to crazy. We pretty much spent our day doing shopping and just relaxing. For dinner a family from the ward took us to Cafe Rio which is always great!. After dinner we had a lesson with Betsy! We taught her the last lesson, so she is pretty much ready for her baptism. We are very excited! For that lesson we also brought some priests along with us so they could help fellowship Betsy's 17 year old son who has been starting to come back to church with his mom. It went really well.
Tuesday we pretty much spent the whole day calling people and checking on less actives since our meetings were canceled for the week due to the missionary broadcast that we watched on Wednesday. It was a pretty long day.
Wednesday we watched the world wide mission broadcast which was really well done. They shared a lot of good things. It was a good reminder of the preach my gospel basics. After the 2 hour broadcast we went to our weekly appointment with Harold. He told us of a storm coming and he insisted that he buy us some groceries. So we went to the grocery store next to his place and picked up some food for the storm. Elder Bentley and I knew of the storm, but we hadn't known it was going to be that big. After we were done with Harold's we went to dinner with a family in the ward. Their names are the Padilla's and yes they are related to Brent Padilla who use to be in AF 10th ward. Haha small world. When we got out of our dinner appointment it had started to snow! It was awesome! that was the first snowfall this season that actually stuck to the road. Anyway we had an appointment with a referral that we had gotten a couple days before. Her name is Millie. We knocked on her door and she welcomed us in very kindly. She let us sit down and share a lesson with her. At the very beginning of the lesson she asked us to make it quick because she had to make dinner for her kids. So we shared about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Millie really enjoyed it. She loved our visit and she just kept talking to us and asking different questions. The lesson ended up being just over an hour long. She is very interested and we committed her read and pray about the Book of Mormon. She accepted that with no problem. We are very excited for her. When we got out of our appointment it was still snowing. It took us an hour to get back to our home and usually it would only take 30 minutes. You would have thought that there was a foot of snow on the ground, but there was probably less then two inches. I was the one driving and I was weaving through cars. The average posted speed was 45 mph. Most of these cars were going 15 or less with their hazard lights. It was pretty funny. We also got a call out from President Cooke telling us a little bit about the storm coming and how they put $20 on each of our cards and how we need to go shopping because we would be stuck inside for a few days.
On Thursday we went shopping, getting ready. The looting had already began. A lot of the fresh produce was gone and the shelves started to look a little empty. After we had finished shopping we went home and did some weekly planning. After weekly planning we had dinner with a family in the ward. After dinner we went on splits with the Young Men's President. That evening was awesome! We were able to get in contact with one of the referrals and we set up an appointment with him for the next day and we were also able to get a hold of Igor. We have been trying to get a hold of him for the past month with no luck. We were giving him a call to see if we could come over and teach him a lesson. While on the phone I was praying so hard that he would answer the phone. My prayer was answered! Igor answered the phone and we were able to teach him about the World of Wisdom! Part of the reason why it has been so hard to get a hold of him is because he as moved a couple of blocks out of our area. Elder Bentley and I are very sad about this. We loved teaching Igor. He is such a good guy and he has so much potential. During the lesson we started to talk about switching missionaries to him. Igor was also sad about this. He told us a little bit about his back story and the feelings he was having. He came from Brazil to America with nothing and with nobody he knew. We knocked on his door just a couple of weeks after he had moved form Brazil to America. He told us that when we called him to ask if we could come over, at first he was a little hesitant, but as soon as he saw us, something inside him told him that he could trust us and that we would be friends. He then told us that we were his first family in the US and he wanted us to stay in contact with him. It is going to be very hard not to be able to teach Igor all the way, but we will for sure stay in contact with him. After we had finished with Igor, the Young Men's President had to get gas for his care.He literally stopped at 3 different gas stations because they were all out off gas. People had been lining up all day to fill up their cars and gas tanks. Needless to say we got in pretty late because of that.
Friday we quickly went to our appointment with the referral that we contacted the night before. We then when shopping for a couple last minute things and then at 12 pm we were locked into our apartment because of winter storm Jonas. We have been locked in for almost 4 days now. We had to be a little creative to keep our elves from not going insane. But overall we have had a lot of fun. We spent some time reading, we have been learning how to do some back flips on the ground. We even got into a Dance off with some other missionaries in the mission. Haha it has been a great time. The total snow fall where we are at is about 32 inches. 

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Have an awesome week!

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