Monday, June 22, 2015

Honey Harvesting, Crazy French Ladies, Postponed Baptisms, and an Awesome Fireside with Navy's Head Football Coach - 06/22/2015

Hey Everyone!

It has been a good week in the mission field. Things are going well. We did a lot of service this week. we were able to help a member harvest some honey from his bee hives, which was really really fun. We also got to do lots of yard work for a crazy French lady which was not as fun, but she did make really good food so it made it worth it.
So the baptism did not happen this week because of a few logistical things. But it will be happening this next week. We have set up everything and it should run smoothly. We are all really excited for it. It should be a great meeting, full of the Spirit.
Other awesome news is that we were able to go to an event at the visitor center last night. The guest speaker was the head Navy football coach, the guy from Meet the Mormon's. He is an awesome speaker! He shared lots of experiences where he has seen the hand of the Lord in is life. Surprisingly he shared lots lots of experiences about receiving spiritual guidance in his coaching career. He shared this really cool story about when Navy was playing Army which is usually the biggest game of the year for them. It was near the end of the first half, Army had the ball, it was 4th and one and Army was going for it. The head coach had a feeling to call a time out, so he did. To everyone, it did not make sense. The head coach did not know why he had the feeling. When teams lined up on field after the time out, Army fumbled the ball and Navy was able to pick it up and take the ball all the way down for a touch down. They ended up winning the game. Coach Ken told us the he feels that he has heavenly help because that is how he provides for his family. He told us it is not about winning, but keeping his job. It was an awesome fireside.

Thanks for all the emails everyone! 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


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