Monday, June 15, 2015

Baptism Plans for Next Sunday, Self-Taught Investigators, and Attack of the Baby Frogs - 06/15/2015

Hellooo Everyone,

It is once again everyone's least favorite day (besides mission mom's, missionaries, and missionary admirers.) MONDAY!! So hopefully I can make this email some what entertaining and worth some of your valuable time.

This week has been great! We have been continuing to work with our investigators. It has been awesome to see the growth that has been taking place. Erica and her mom have been doing awesome! They are planning on being baptized on Sunday.
Stephen is one of easiest people to teach. He learns everything before we talk to him about it. Each time we go to his house we give him a pamphlet of the next lesson and ask him to read them before we see him next time and he does. He reads everything we give him and he accepts it. He prays about it and he feels that it is true. I have never had an investigator that teaches him self.
Other than that, nothing too crazy has happened. Yesterday we were checking on some people. As we were walking down the street, I noticed a bunch of little blurs moving. When I looked down, those blurs turned out to be hundreds of baby frogs just hopping down the street. Pretty crazy, I have a video of it and i will try to send it out in another email.

Thanks for everything everyone! I will be sure to tell you some funny story's next week but i just do not have time today. Have a great week byeee.

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