Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baptisms for Ericka and Grandma, Rain Storms, and Preparation for the 4th of July - 06/29/2015

Hey everyone sorry for the late email. Today has been kinda weird. Today is not a pday because of the 4th of July. But we do get a couple of hours so that we can email. We have been running around so this is the only time that I have been able to email.

This week has been great. Yesterday was the baptism of Ericka and Grandma! It was so awesome! They were so happy and everything went according to plan except nobody had cleaned the baptismal font so the water had a greenish tone to it, but anyway that does not matter. The point that matters is that they are taking the first step to returning back to their Heavenly Father. Here is a picture:

The weather was also crazy this week. It rained almost every day and it was a down pore so it flooded some roads:

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