Monday, March 9, 2015

Snow Week, Competitive Hot Dog Eating, Melvin Dean, and Sweet Deals at Radio Shack - 03/09/2015

Hello family and friends. I am typing this email out on my brand new keyboard case. Not sure if it is making me go faster or just slowing me down haha, but I only paid 12 dollars, thank you Radio Shack for going out of biz so I can get some sweet deals. As I am typing, I am actually getting better with this thing, yessss! 

Anyway this week has been very very slow with the weather. Monday we just chilled. we went to Cafe Rio which is always good. Other than that, we really didn't do anything. 

Tuesday we were able to do some service for a guy in our ward who is moving. It didn't take long but I had to leave early because I went to the dentist whoop whoop. At the dentist, they took my final impressions and put my temporary crown on, so all I need now is the crown and they said it would take a couple of weeks for them to get one from the lab. After that we went home and it was time for dinner so we went over to our ward mission leaders house. They made us this really weird but good casserole and for dessert we had pie. 

Wednesday was transfers and I already new that my companion and I were staying together so I wasn't really too excited for this meeting. The craziest thing that happened for me was that they opened another area in the Anacostia ward and they assigned two missionaries who are in their last transfer to it. And my roommate got a companion who is also going home at the end of this transfer. So there is a total of three dying missionaries in the ward now. Oh and my old companion, Elder Simons, is back in the ward so that is kinda strange. After transfers we went to Costco for some food, then we went home and helped the other elders get settled and that took us till dinner. We ate at a members house. It was really good. She mad us some curry chicken. Haha its going to be a lot harder to get member meals now that there is a total of 8 missionaries in the ward. After dinner we went to ward meetings and it was alright. We talked a lot about the focus 15 and the ward stewardship visits that took place on Saturday.

Thursday was a winter storm and so we had to stay inside allll day. It snowed probably a total of 6 inches which is a pretty good size snow, but it did cause everything to shut down. Before we got the call out, Elder Paul and I went to the grocery store and you would have thought it was World War III out side. The lines went all the way to the back of the store. It was not a very good choice to go to the store that day. After that we went to Little Caesars so we could have some pizza while we were stuck inside, but when we got there we found out that they closed the store because of the snow..... If Little Ceasers is closed then you know that mud just hit the fan (missionary edit). On the way home we got the call that we had to get inside. As a missionary when you get stuck inside you can't really do much. So it was really boring. 

Friday morning we get another call out saying that we had to stay around our apartment and we could only use mass transit. So in the morning Elder Paul and I shoveled our entire street. It took forever but it was really fun. Only down side is that i got sun burnt because of my fair complexion.  After that we took the bus to the sketchy McDonalds for lunch. Then while we were waiting for the bus we went to Radio Shack that is going out of business and I found a keyboard case for only 12 dollars yay! We also talked to this crazy for like 20 minuets it was pretty great. After that we went to the Church and had our weekly planning session. After the planning session we walked home. On the way home some 14 year olds tried to pick a fight with us. It was quite funny. When we got home it was time to go to brother Masons house. Brother mason is a legendary member in the Anacostia ward. He his a very special guy. The missionaries have been stopping by at his home for a few years every Friday night and Elder Paul and I are lucky enough to go with the South Elders. After Brother Mason's it was time to go in for the night.

Saturday we started out with going to the stake center for basketball, while my companion went to a meeting. Basketball was really fun. After basketball we headed home to get ready for our ward stewardship visits. The stewardship visits we have every first Saturday of the month. Stewardship visits are when all the members of the ward council and all the missionaries get together and visit less actives and members who need help. I went with one of the High Priest Group Councilors and we did not get a hold of any of the people we wanted to visit, so we were the first people back. After we reported all that we did to the Bishopric we had lunch. I was really hungry so I was a little piggy and ate 8 hot dogs. Don't worry mom there were a ton of hot dogs. After that we had to go to the Stake Center and wait for my companion to come back from his all day leadership meeting. We had to wait for him for quite a while. He finally came and we went home and set up some appointments set up for the week. After that we went to Melvin Davis's house. He is probably my favorite member in the ward. He is so funny. I have an awesome video from our visit. Ill have to send you guys the video from it. Probably one of the funniest moments on my mission. He is a really funny guy. After Melvin's we went home for the night. 

Sunday we went to church and it was really good, but I was tired because of the time change. When we got out of church it felt soo nice out side. It was about 60. we were able to roll the windows down and put on the sunglasses on the way to dinner. For dinner we went to the Forson family who feed us quite often. Every time I eat at there house I feel like my heart is going to stop. These people eat the most greasy most fattening food in the world. Hopefully I will be able to get back into shape and eat healthy food soon. After we were done with dinner Elder Paul and I went to Family Home Evening with the Harrison family. We had a nice lesson by the senior couple, the Biolos. Then we played games. After that we went home and that was the whole night.

And that was our whole week. Thanks for everything guys. Have a great week!

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