Monday, March 23, 2015

Planning, Brother Mason's Dishes, Following the Spirit - 03/23/2015

Hello everyone! I hope your past week was productive and enjoyable.
The week was by busy for us it was really fun but very tiring.

We spent pretty much the whole day day calling people and setting up appointments. We were able to set up pretty much our whole schedule for the week in that one day.

We had three lessons on Wednesday. One was with an active member. Another was a recent convert that that was in elder Paul's last ward. He wanted to take us out for lunch so we went to Capitol Hill. It was really fun. Then we had and another lesson with with a less active in our ward. We are trying to get him back to church but so far we have had very little success, but I'm am sure that he will come around.

We started out the day with our interviews the the mission President. I always love those interviews because you actually get to talk one on one with the mission president and that does not happen very often. After interviews our whole district went out for lunch and then we went home. When we got home, Elder Paul had to grab some paperwork for stake coordination. And because he the district leader we had to go the the church and fill it out for our ward. After he finished we went out and just talked to people. We met some really cool people. Nobody was to interested, but it was still an enjoyable time. After about an hour of that, we had an appointment with the Harrison family.
The Harrison family is an active/less active family. We have been focusing on getting the daughter to come to church and she has been coming for a while now. It's been really great to see her change over the past 6 months I have been here. When we got there we found out that Bro. Harrison's son and his non member fiance moved into his house. So we were able to teach all of them. Elder Paul and I didn't really have anything planned so we just went off of the spirit and it turned out to be a very good lesson. The spirit was very strong. For the lesson we just went around the table and shared how the gospel has blessed each of our lives and even Ronika, the non member, shared something. We will be teaching her more often.

We started by going to a new member who is getting ready for the temple, but she wasn't there. So we biked to the church so Elder Paul could finish the paperwork for the stake. We biked back home so we could get on the metro to go down town for a meal with one of our members. Friday was extremely rainy and pretty cold so it was kind of a crazy bike ride especially when it started to hail. Anyway we went to this burger joint call Bobby's Burger Palace. After that we went home but it took forever. We took the bus and the main road we had to get on was all blocked of because of an incident that occurred on another bus. So the bus had to take back streets get to our bus stop.
We finally got home just in time for another member meal with all the missionary's. We had spaghetti and it was a lot less sweet then the one we had last week. When we were finished there we headed to one of the missionary's favorite lessons with Brother Mason. He is an active member and he has a very special spirit about him. This week I was able to wash dishes with him which was totally random Hahaha.

We did tons of walking because Elder Paul's bike has no brakes. So we walked up the the church because we had a lesson up there, but it canceled. Then we walked back and we met this awesome guy. His name is Alee. We talked to him for a few minutes he and he said that we could come back. He seemed very interested about what we do as missionaries and why we are always out in the black neighborhoods. He was very nice. We had an appointment with a potential investigator. We got to his house and he was there. We tried to teach the 1st lesson but we found out the he is legit crazy. We were there for probably an hour and we were only able to hit the first two points because he would not stop talking about random stuff that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. I'm pretty sure we are not going to go back there any time soon. Our next appointment was with our investigator, John. We were able to drop off the large print Book of Mormon so he can read it. While we were there he asked us to drive all the way up to North West, which is the opposite side of do where we are, to go and pick up a TV for him because he doesn't have a car. We said we couldn't but he still wants us to try and find a way to do that and I'm not sure how that's going to go. After we were finished with him we didn't have anything planed other then finding so I felt like we should go visit this lady in the ward that is having a hard time. We get there right as she pulled up and we helped her carry groceries in for her. We sat down and talked for a good our. Turns out she really needed a boost and she said it was perfect timing for us to stop by. It's amazing how the spirit works.

We started out by going to church. We get there and we see that Emanuel, a guy who we have been trying to work with, showed up with his whole family. It was great to see them. We were able to talk to them and it sounds like we will be able to meet this week. After church Elder Paul had to play the piano for the ward choir for an our so we didn't leave church till dinner time. After dinner we walked around and checked on some potentials. One of them we caught him right when he was leaving and said we can come by next week. The other Potential was not home. And that was our Sunday and that was our week.

Thanks for the emails everyone. Sorry this email wasn't to good. I had to rush through it. Have a great week!

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