Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Moving Service Project, Capital Hill Exchange, Family History Temple Trip, Sweet Spaghetti, and Senator Orin Hatch - 03/16/2015

Hey everyone! This is Elder Johnson with my weekly update with life on the mission. This week has been great for lots of reason. I'll just start out by saying how grateful I am for being apart of this gospel and how much joy it brings to people all around the world.
Tuesday was a very rainy day. We had lots of appointments cancel on us. We also helped people get out of the mud. We had a member meal. After that Elder Paul and I had a lesson with a person at the church because she lives in a shelter. So we waited at the church for an hour and a half for this lady and she never came so we went inside and found family names to take to the temple on Friday.

Wednesday we had a packed day. We had to go help out a member with moving a bunch of things from one storage container to another and it was packed full. Elder Paul and I had to leave early for our other appointments. We went with the senior couple in our ward to a new convert and his family. We had a very good lesson about going to the temple and getting sealed so they are very excited about that. That appointment was very long because they like to talk a lot and they also made us lunch which was very nice of them. After that we had another appointment that we went to. She is an active member who we visit every week. After that we headed home and got ready for our meeting with our investigator John. We stopped in just for a couple of minutes because he was really sleepy. So we just followed up on his reading that we had committed him to, but he still hasn't read anything. So we will have to check with him this week and see how he is doing. After we met with him we had dinner and then it was time for our weekly ward meetings.
Thursday we started the day with our district meeting. It was a good meeting and it is always fun to see the other missionaries. After district meeting we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch as we always do, then I went on exchange to Capital Hill. I was able to exchange with my MTC companion. It was a lot of fun! It helped give me lots of motivation to go and talk to people.

Friday we went to the temple for our family history and I was able to bring 5 family names and I got to do the baptisms, confirmations, and the initiatory's for them. Only problem I had was getting the initiatory's done because there were lots of missionaries and not to many workers there so I wasn't able to get all of them done. We were in the temple from 9 to about 1 and I sat in one of the rooms for 2 hours. haha it was a great visit, I liked it a lot. I was actually able to do the baptizing and the confirmations for some people, it was great. After the temple we headed home and I had to pack up all my clothes and stuff at the Capital Hill apartment. Then we had to go to a bike shop for some missionary that was having bike problems.  Once we got home it was time for dinner. Elder Paul and I went to Melvin's. It was really fun, he fed us sweet spaghetti. We asked him how he made it and he told us all he did was just add a touch of sugar, not very much at all. Only about a half of a cup. Elder Paul and I about busted out laughing it was so funny. After dinner we went with the south elder's to a member. His name is brother Mason. He is really funny. I was able to play checkers with him and he never plays with any of the missionaries so I was pretty lucky. 
Saturday we spent the whole day checking on less actives/ former investigators and we really didn't get anywhere, but we did find an actual nice part of Anacostia. there is a sweet park by the river. So just for future reference, Anacostia is in South East Washington DC. The only thing that separates Anacostia form Capital Hill is a river. So the park we found is right on the edge of our area. All day Saturday we were talking to almost everyone we saw and we actually came out of that day with 3 new people that we are going to try to teach, so it was a pretty great day.
Sunday we went to church and that is always good. After church we had an event up at the visitor center. We were able to listen to Senator Orin Hatch speak. He was great. He threw it down in a nice way about the Book of Mormon being true and reality that God is real.
Today we went with some other Elders and played hockey and we were there for most of the day. Then we went to a member meal on base. It was a good day.

Thanks for all the emails everyone. Sorry that this one is soo late. I didn't have to much time to type this out. Thank for all the support and all you guys do for me. 

Have a great week! 

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