Tuesday, January 13, 2015

President Eyring, New Investigator, and Goals - 01-12-2015

President Eyring is so cool! I loved listen to him speak! As soon as he walked into the auditorium you could feel the special spirit about him and how he is a special witness of Jesus Christ. It's really crazy to think that he has probably seen him with his own two eyes. He talked about a lot of things. He pretty much said that he didn't really prepare anything and he was just going off of personal revelation and talking about what people in the room needed to here and I definitely feel like that he said what I needed but I didn't even know. He talked about how the best way to teach is to love them, but it is impossible to love someone who you just met by yourself.  You need to ask your Heavenly Father for that love and for him to tell you something about them. And I feel like that's what has been missing a lot of the time. It seems like the mission is all about the numbers which I hate because I forget that these numbers are precious souls to God and it seems a lot of our mission leadership forgets that as well. I loved that experience. 

That was definitely the best moment of my week as far as missionary wise. Other than that, it kinda was a bummer week. We were supposed to have two investigators at church (at on point we were suppose to have 3) but all of them ended up baling:/. We will have to recommit them this week. 

One of the miracles we were able to see this week was me and my companion had to bike to this members house and it was freezing cold. We got there and the member we were there to see was asleep. But the son who is a non member was there and he said we can come back and talk to him sometime. So that was good.

So for my goals, I have made a few so far, but I am planning on making some more. Alright for physical I want to be able to bench my body weight by St Patrick's day which I think I should be able to do. I got 135 up today so I still have a long ways to go but it's getting better. A social goal I have is to talk to at least 10 people a day on the streets. A spiritual goal is to read from the Book of Mormon everyday. And yep those are a few of the goals I have.

Love Elder Johnson 

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