Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Major Dental, Car Show, Wall Repair, & Baptisimal Talk - 02/02/2015

Sorry about all of these dental problems. I'm doing better at brushing and flossing I promise.

Anyway this week nothing to crazy. Just the same old same old. One cool thing was that I was able to learn how to repair a wall by patching it up with sheet rock and the spackling it. I also got to give a talk at a baptism. Pretty much on the spot and people were saying it was really good! So I think I am getting better at speaking. 

Other than that, we did have a great p-day.  We went to guitar center and then the mall. Pretty chill day, it felt great to get away from South East.

If you have any more info on the dentist then let me know. 


Love your son (the first) 

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