Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brother Bolton and Prayer - 09/01/2014

Thank you for the message:) Things have been great!:) This past week we were able to teach 10 lessons. Most of them were to active and less active members in the ward. My favorite experience from last week was when we visited a less active. His name is Bro. Bolton. He is a mad scientist! He loves physics and everything to do with science and he also loves to talk about his Russian girlfriends. He is a very unique man to say the least. Anyway we went over to his house just to chat and it was going pretty well. He was giving the same spiel that we heard last time at his house anyway we finally were able to get him back on track and we were able to teach a very very short lesson. At the end of the lesson we asked him if we could end with a prayer and he could choose who he wanted to say it. And he said that he would like to give it a shot so we were like sweet, go for it. He puts his hands in his pockets and looks up to the stars and just starts talking. It was a really good prayer, just in a different way. We'll this goes on for about 2 minutes and I decide to look up for a second. I looked up and I found him starring at Elder Loveless and me. He had forgotten that he was praying and he was just talking to us. He was giving us the same talk to us that we just barely heard. Anyway it was pretty funny and I hope you are able to understand what happened ha ha. 

Other than that this past week was pretty normal. We were able to go to the spy museum and it was pretty cool. I think the whole family would have enjoyed that.

Thank you for raising us in the gospel :) I am so blessed to have this in my life. As I continue to serve I can see how it applies to everyone. And every single time I get to teach my testimonies grows:) I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE. I know Christ is my savior and everyone's savior. We just have to let Him into our lives and he will fill our lives with blessings:). Thank you for your email and I am so sorry that it is so late but it has been super hard to email people. And don't worry I was able to email Terlynn :). I love youuuu!!:))


Elder Johnson  
Companion selfies :)

Riding on the Metro.

Companion bonding exercises.

 From the top of the Washington Monument?

 I am afraid to ask what this is.

 I am sure his eyes are on the road!

 Smokey the Bear and sweet socks!

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