Monday, August 4, 2014

Pre-MTC Departure...

The MTC has been amazing. The spirit is everywhere and being in the presence of Gods army is speechless at times. It is still hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that i'm one of them. The first week in the MTC was challenging for me. Not because of the stress that I have felt, not because of the non stop schedule, and not because of the early mornings. It was hard because of the pain I have felt because a infection that I had. I discovered this Thursday. The next day I was riving in pain. I walked like a ninety year old man for a week ha ha it was quit funny. On Friday Aug 1, I got surgery and what comfort that brought into my life. After the surgery I was so out of it that I would shake hands and thank all the nurses multiple times in a row ha ha. Because of the surgery, I have been feeling a great relief of pain. But while I have had this problem I have been on my knees a lot more and I believe that is why I got it. So I could come closer to Christ and God through pray.

While I have been recovering I have been making my comp push me all over the MTC in a wheelchair, what a life. I doubt many people have the blessing of being escorted everywhere you go in a wheelchair for a week ha ha. 

To conclude my thoughts I would just like to say I am so thankful for this gospel. I know that Christ is my savior. I know that God gives us trials to make us better people. I love you all and I hope this week is fantastic for everyone. I go in for my follow up appointment tomorrow so I will let you all know if i'll be leaving this week. I pray that everything checks out. Thanks for all the love and support:)

Love Elder Johnson PS I'll make it more spiritual next time... 

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