Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First Email from DC! - 08/11/2014

Hello Mother ha ha ha,

DC has been amazing so far:). I met my trainer almost as soon as I got
off the plain. His name is Elder Loveless. He is so legit! He was an
Assistant to the President right before I got him as a trainer so he
knows everything. 

This week has been slow. Elder Loveless and me are starting an area over again, so we have to start from scratch. It kinda stinks,but oh well, it just gives me more experience.

On Saturday we were able to go to a ward party at this mansion. It was HUGE!!! It was really
fun and a good way to start to get to know the members. On Sunday we went to church and my comp and I had to give the opening and closing prayer in sacrament and I was not nervous at all!! It was soo great! 
can feel the spirit working on me so that I can become a true missionary. 

Today for P day we went to the Washington mall and played football with 40 other missionary's. It was a really cool sight. We noticed a lot of people were taking pictures of us instead of the
monuments.  Ha ha, kinda funny we must be famous or something. 

Well that is all for this week. I'm really enjoying and learning how to be a missionary. I love you all:)! have an amazing week!

Love Elder Johnson,

ps we are rooming with the Chinese Elders!! Ha ha, they are soo funny:))

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