Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DC Visitors Center, Exercise Does a Body Good, White House Tour, & Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl - 11/24/2014

Hey Dad! That talk was awesome!! Hahaha I loved it! It literally made me  lol. Good job! I'm proud of you, and thank you for the diet stuff.  That is going to help me out a lot! Oh and one more thing if you aren't too busy could you set me up a work out plan? If not that's okay but that would help a lot. We have mostly the basic stuff. Like some dumb bells and a bench press. Things like that. 

This week has been fun but it has been slow on missionary work and I'm sure this week is going to be even worse because of Thanksgiving and all the other mission stuff. Last week we were able to go to the White House. That was really neat. But the tour was really really short.we could have finished it in like 5 minutes. We also went to the VC for a Christmas concert and it was sweet!! Haha it was a bunch of little kids playing violins and they sounded really good. 

Today we played in a mission turkey bowl. It was great. I did pretty well towards the end. I am, so sorry but I need to be getting ready for our lesson that is coming up. I love you dad! You are so great have an amazing week and a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Love Elder Johnson

Tyler is the third missionary from the left:

Monday, November 17, 2014

Haircuts, Dennis Pitta, and Thanksgiving - 11/17/2014

Thanks for the email. It means a lot as always. It sounds like you guys are really getting into the Christmas spirit the hard way hahaha. Oh I remember those long days for stringing lights up on the trees hahaha. It was for sure a love hate relationship, but I am going to look forward to do that again in a couple of years. This are going to same way here. The Washington DC temple visitor center is getting all holiday upped and it is looking awesome! There are tons of Christmas trees and there is this exhibit that shows all the manger scenes from all around the world. I will for sure get pictures and send them to you guys next week. 
     I am excited about your talk. It should be a good one just as always. Yes please send me a copy haha. 
   I was wondering if you could send me a diet plan for me. I have had a hard time deciding what I should eat. haha trying to put on some muscle.
   This week hasn't been to exciting but last night we were able to go to a fireside. And guess who spoke. It was Dennis Pitta and his wife. They were awesome!! I loved it. They are awesome members of the true church.
   Anyway I gotta go. I will for sure miss you guys on thanksgiving but you will have a great time. Tell Zach not to kill himself if he goes out Black Friday shopping. 
Love you dad so much. Sorry this email is all over the place.  Have a fantastic week! and I will talk to you next Monday.

Love Elder Johnson 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This week has been pretty good! I found out that two of the people I was working worth in my last area are on date for baptism. So that is freaking awesome! Now we just gotta find some people down here to get baptized. We did teach this one guy who wants to be baptized but he doesn't want to become a member of our church soooo.... That is kind of a weird position but he seemed more willing to think about it at the end of our visit. A funny experience that has happened this week was my companion and I were taking the bus back to our apartment and it was pretty late at night. We were talking with this cool guy and then all of a sudden this other guy butts in and he said "hey! Do you think some time in the future we will be able to communicate with Aliens? Cuz I think we will" then he starts yelling to everyone on the bus " hey everyone! Do you think we will be communicating with aliens in the future!" And everyone was just laughing at him. It was pretty high.
      Yesterday was my talk and it went pretty well. I talked about weakness. It was a pretty short talk so it wasn't to bad. I can send you my talk if you want. Well I guess we are going shopping now:/
Elder Johnson rocking his new scarf, shirt, and smolder.
Bye bye Love Elder Teej 

From November 3. New place, Same Happy Attitude!

Things are going pretty good around here. Right now I don't need anything but if things change I will let you know haha hmmm I'm not sure I have a favorite things yet... I do love the library of congress! That has been one of the coolest things I have done here. My room isn't too messy and not an entire meal but I will have to because of the area I am in now hahaha.
      This Wednesday I got transferred to the ghettos! Haha I haven't seen any white people (besides missionary's) for a week now. People are totally different down here. They are all living in poverty. I have already had some funny experiences with people yelling and cussing us out. Hahah it's pretty funny. The area I am in is called Anacostia central. It's in south east D.C. Haha this is one of the places I dreaded to go but now that I am here it isn't too bad. I have met with some of the members and they seem really cool! I like them a lot! They are such good people with humble hearts.
       The place that I have moved into is sweet!!! It's the only town house in the mission. There is so much space! It feels like a mansion compared to the apartment I was in last time. The worst part about this area is that it's a bike area and we are coming into winter... So that should be exciting! My new companion is a pretty good guy. He has been out for only eight months so he still needs to work on things. This is his first time being a senior companion so I find my self doing a lot of the planing still. 
     The holidays are in full swing it seems like. Well from what Zach tells me. It doesn't really feel that way with us because we are missionary's and we don't really do the normal holiday stuff. I will sure miss it but what we are doing is great. The VC is getting ready for the Festival of Lights up on the temple grounds. It's basically exactly like temple square just a little smaller. I am really excited for it because they have concerts literally every night in December so I am sure we will be going there a lot with members.
     Love Elder Tyler C Johnson  P.S. Remember Mr. Biolo, the vise principal from last year? Well his parents are serving there missions here and they are in the same ward as me! I will get you my scripture of the day at a later time Bye bye!