Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Golden Investigator is Already Baptized??? Say What??? And Hoarding Up All The Service Opportunities...10/27/2014

Anyway this week has been pretty crazy yesterday I found out that I will be getting transferred to a new location. I am still not sure where I am going but I know it is going to be great. It kinda stinks leaving behind people that you have built up a relationship with, but I guess that is how missionary work goes. 

A few crazy things have happened this week first off we were giving the first lesson to are golden investigator. She is so solid! We went through the whole first lesson and the spirit was so strong. We then concluded with talking about baptism and the importance of being baptized. My companion asked her "when you find these things to be true would, you follow the example of Jesus Christ  and be baptized by some one holding the proper authority?" Her mom, who is a member, butted in and told us she was baptized 😱 we looked in the records and she was no where to be found. We need to check with the ward clerk to see if the records are just floating around out there. So there goes my best chance for getting my first baptism, but if she is already baptized then that is a good thing too.

Next crazy thing that happened this week happened towards the beginning of the week. We had a referral come In and it was pretty specific. It wasn't a referral for lessons or for the Book of Mormon or anything like that. It was a referral for service and the funny thing is, it wasn't even in our area. Anyways my companion and I went to check out what we had to do. Well when we got there we find out that the house was condemned  because of nastiness. We go into the basement and it turns out she is a hoarder!! Her basement is piled to the ceiling with crazy stuff like boxes and boxes of makeup, brand new clothes, piles of newspapers, and piles of garbage bags full of garbage just chilling down in her basement. And to make things worse all these things were covered in mouse droppings and everything is water damaged because there is a leak in one of the pipes. It smells sooo bad down there. We are using those masks that go over your mouth and nose and that does help a lot but it still smells nasty. There is so much crud that we called 3 other companionship's in the surrounding areas to come and help. We have worked on that place for three days now and we have barley made a dent, man things we do as missionary's. 

Well that is what happened hahaha pretty crazy. 


Elder Johnson

p.s. Scripture of the week. 4 Nephi 1:15 As we look for God's Love in our lives, we will be able to better understand our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Doing so we will have a greater respect for the people around us. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Johnson relaxing after an eventful week. Still working the selfies!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Birthday!!! The Amazing Race, Why I Believe, & An Investigator With Potential - 10/20/2014

Thank you so much for the email and update on life. It sounds like there are some great things to look forward to. Today has been really good. It has been a very relaxing preparation day and I like it like that. Today we did have our zone activity early in the morning. We got up around five and headed down to the Lincoln Memorial for some sunrise photos. I did forget my camera, but I believe I'll be able to get some pictures from somebody else. Sorry about that. I didn't want to have to worry about something getting lost or stolen. For our activity we did the amazing race. We broke up into groups and went on a scavenger hunt all around the Washington Monument. We took pictures at different monuments doing different things. It was great. After our activity, we went to go shopping and then we went to Chipolte. The burrito I got was really good. After that we haven't really done much. Just relaxing and taking a break, but that is always a good thing.
Last night there was an event at the visitors center called "Why I Believe." Why I Believe is an event where recent converts talk about their conversion into the Church. Last nights guest speakers were two former pastors for different churches. They were very good at speaking to the people in attendance. Their testimonies were very powerful and very inspiring. It was really enjoyable. This past week has been very great. We were able to teach 23 lessons to all kinds of people. We were able to teach members, plus actives and investigators. It's been a very exciting time. We do have one decent investigator who has potential. It is just really hard to teach them because we are always occupied with helping them move things. We met our investigator because she is one of the daughters of a less active. She just had a baby so it is perfect timing for us to teach her. I hope we will be able to make some progress with her this week.

Thank you so much for the package that you guys have sent. I did get it and it was awesome. I loved everything inside it. I have already gotten to use the jacket that was in there. It was super warm and comfortable. And also thank you so much for the pillow pet...ha ha it's flipping awesome! So I should probably get going. Thanks again for everything you do.  Well I should probably get going I will talk to you next Monday. Have a great week!! 

Love Elder Johnson

The scripture of the week is Omni 1:26. As we live the points in this scripture, we will be able to give our selves to the Lord. As we do so, God and Jesus Christ can mold us into who we need to become.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference & a Trip to the Zoo - 10/06/2014

Hey Dad!!

Thank you so much for your great emails! They are always full of good stuff. That is too bad about BYU.  Hopefully they can pull it together before it is too late. This past week has been pretty good! I got to watch all the sessions of conference and all the a talks were super good!! I loved every minute of it. It is crazy that is already over. Anyway other than conference, not much has changed. We did get some information on some family's that we are going to try to help out. So it seems like we will probably focus mostly on members this week. Which is okay cuz everyone needs to come unto Christ. Well I should probably go. I am running out of time. Have a fantastic week and keep up the hard work.

Love elder Johnson

P.S. The scripture of the week is Alma 38:5. 
Put your name into the scripture and really ponder what this scripture means and how you can put your trust in the Lord. 

P.S.S.  We went to the zoo today