Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Interview with President Cooke, Family History Work with a New Convert, Free Burrito Coupons, Have You Seen Our Phone? Igor Makes it to Church!!! - 03/07/2016

Hey everyone! This week has been a pretty good week. It was very slow for the first half of the week. We have been checking up on potential investigators that are in our area books. The only problem it has been really hard getting a hold of them. 

Tuesday we had interview with President Cooke. It went really well. We had a good conversation about him moving out here after he gets released and a little bit about how I would love to end my mission in the Kentlands ward. 

On Wednesday we had a lesson at the temple visitor center with a recent convert from the ward. She was planning on doing baptisms for the dead and she said she wanted to learn more about how it all happens. We set up the lesson, so it would be focused on the plan of salvation, eternal families, and temple work. Everything went really smoothly tell she told us that she just wanted help with the logistical things, like getting a name off family search and printing it off to take to the temple. We tried helping her out with that at the visitor center, but she didn't have any of the information that she needed. We will probably helping her out with that this week.

On Thursday we had our district/zone meeting and after that we spent some time setting up the rest of the week, with appointments. 

Friday we spent almost the whole day checking on a list of potential investigators again. We were not able to get a hold of a single one. On the positive while we were checking one someone, we found 2 free burrito coupons for Chipotle! That made things a little better. 

On Saturday the low-light was that we lost our phone. When you are a missionary you have to have your phone on you. We searched high and low and we could not fined it anywhere. Finally after a while for looking for the phone we tried calling it. We walked into our roommate's room and we heard our phone ringing. We found it in the gym shorts of Elder Smith. He felt pretty bad that he had totally forgot about picking up our phone. The highlight was meet no with Igor. We.

Decided to go check up on him at the end of the night and it turned out that he was home! We talked to him about what has beefing going on in his life. Apparently he had been having a crazy schedule with his work, but now he got hired as a electrician, so he now has a more stable and predictable schedule. 

Sunday Igor made it to church! He really enjoyed the service! In Priesthood opening exercises he introduced him self and then told everyone that he is preparing to be baptized! We thought that was pretty awesome.  And in other news Bryce (formally known as Elder Paul) came to visit the ward! It was awesome being able to see him again. He hasn't changed at all. After church, one of our investigators invited us to come over the her house. When we got there we were surprised to see that our investigators daughter and her friends were having rehearsals for a dance. One of the reasons why she wanted us to come over was because they didn't have enough boys for girls to dance with. We had to explain to her that we have rules as missionaries. She was very understanding and she still wanted us to stay, so we socialized with with a bunch of 15 and 16 year old's. It was a good missionary opportunity. That was pretty much my week! Thanks for all you do! Have a great week!

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