Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! How Do you Solve a Problem Like Sunny? 1:00 o'clock Church, and New Year's Resolutions - 01/04/2016

What is up everyone! Happy New Year! 

I hope all of you guys had an awesome, and safe New Years! It was pretty crazy hear! Let me tell you haha. It has been a pretty great week. 

Monday was a normal chill P-Day. Nothing to exciting. 

Tuesday our lessons with our investigators got dogged which was unfortunate, but because we did not have any appointments planned, Elder Bentley and I were able to help the French missionaries teach an African to speak English. It was really cool! In the process of helping teach English we were able to learn some French as well.  
Wednesday was pretty interesting. We were on our way into an appointment with a new investigator when all of a sudden we get this call from a North Carolina number that neither Elder Bentley or I have ever seen. I answer the phone and it was a little man with a thick Asian accent. I could not understand him for the life of me. I thought he told me to hang up the phone and he would text us, so that is what I did. I hung up the phone and then 5 seconds later we got a text saying why did you hang up on me? So I quickly called him back. Thank goodness this time I could understand him much better. He told us his name is Sunny and he wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and the Mormon Church. Elder Bentley and I were pretty stoked. We talked to him for a few minutes before we walked into our appointment. We found out that he lives in North Carolina and he got our phone number off the computer. We told him we would call him back as soon as we got out of our appointment. He asked us what time we would call him, so we told him around 3. We went into our lesson and it went really well. It was a young part member family. We commited them to reading the Book of Mormon and almost baptism. We also setup an appointment for next week. Our lesson went a little over time. As soon as it hit 3:01 we get a text from Sunny asking us what happened to us. As soon as we were out of the appointment we called him. He was kind of mad at first, but we were able to calm him down. We told him that we would get missionaries in his area to contact him and we would call him back on Saturday....( to be continued)...

Thursday we spent a lot of time finding with little success. Our mission had announced that after 5:30 on New Year's Eve we could not proselyte. So we pretty much spent that time with members. A family in the Ward was having some of the youth over for a party and they invited us as well. That night was full of good food and board games. 
 Friday was a non-proselyting day because of the holiday so us and our roommates had a pretty chill day. We enjoyed ourselves with some Cafe Rio and we spent a good chunk of the day transferring photos and videos off our iPads on to our flash drives. Elder Bentley and I had dinner over at a member’s home. When we got there all of the Spanish missionaries in the zone were there so it was packed, but it was lots of fun. The lady who was feeding us was originally a member of our ward, but for the past year she has been going to a Spanish ward with her son so she feeds all the missionaries from both wards. After dinner, all the Spanish Elders left and Elder Bentley and I got to sit down and talk with Lulu (the member who feeds us) and Natalie (Lulu's daughter who just got back from her mission a month ago). It was so much fun. They are some really cool people.
On Saturday we were in our studies and all of a sudden we get probably 5 texts within 10 seconds. We check the phone and it was... Sunny (story continues). He sent us 5 of the same texts. They pretty much said "What happen to you guys? Did you read my last text I sent?" So Elder Bentley gives him a call. We tell him that we would give him a call back at 11 when our studies ended. 11 comes around and Elder Bentley calls him up. Sunny tells him that missionaries have not contacted him and he wants to learn more, so Elder Bentley proceeds to teach the first lesson to him over the phone. He commits him to read the Book of Mormon and he commits him to be baptized. After he got off the phone He goes to to call the bishop of the ward that covers the address that he had given us. The Bishop picks up the phone and Elder Bentley tells him he needs the missionary's number who serve in the area. The Bishop asked what the name of the referral was, so Elder Bentley tells him. The Bishop proceeds to tell him not to worry about it. He tells Elder Bentley that Sunny is a member in his ward and he has been a problem. He has been calling missionaries all over the United States wanting to learn more about Christ. The Bishop told Elder Bentley to block Sunny and he was already working with Sunny on that problem. THE END. The rest of the Saturday was spent with a couple of members. One of them was Harold, who is the person who passed out at church. He just got back from Hawaii and wanted us to give him a priesthood blessing. I was able to give him the blessing and while I was giving it I felt inspired to say that he would get better. I know God has a plan for him. I just hope he is willing to align his will with God's will.
Sunday was our first day of 1:00 o'clock church. It felt really weird walking out and the sun was setting... Kind of depressing haha I felt like those penguins in Antarctica during those dark winter months.
Sorry for the lengthy email once again. I hope you all enjoy the start of the new year and I hope you all have made some kind of New Year’s resolution that you will keep longer than a month, I know I struggle with that, but I feel like this year will be different (I know, I know... everyone says that). If any of you guys were wondering here are a few of the New Year’s resolutions I have made:

1.       No carbonation :(
2.       Write in my journal every day
3.       Drink at least 60 oz. of water a day
4.       Exercise everydayπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ, except the Sabbath πŸ™
5.       Read the standard works.

Thanks everyone! Have an awesome week! Please!

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈElder JohnsonπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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