Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow, Cold, Cancellations, More Snow and Cold - 02/23/2015

So tomorrow we are going to a meeting with some general authority. I don't really know who he is but I guess the meeting is going to be about our iPads. I guess we are losing the ones we have right now and later in the week we will be getting new ones. Also our mission has decided to discontinue Facebook for a little while. So right now I am trying to save everything on my iPad.

This past week has been kinda slow because of the weather: here is how it went...

This past week has been pretty bad weather wise. We spent most of the time indoors because we have been snowed in. Let's see... 

Tuesday we were snowed in. 

Wednesday I had to go up to the dentist again 😬. After the dentist we did have a lesson with a less active. He's really cool. He is taking my companion and I to a sweet pizza place. It's really good.
We talked about getting him to church. I think it was overall good for him.

Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. A district meeting is we're all the missionary's in an area get together talk about how things are going and then some missionaries give lessons. The lessons that were given we pretty great. They talked about humility and how to become more like Christ. I learned a lot from that. After district meeting we went out to eat because that's just a tradition we have. After lunch we had an appointment with an investigator that I was really excited for. We were going to try to put her on date to be baptized, but she never showed up. So that put a huge damper on the week. Because of that we went to the church and did some online time. My companion put together an awesome time lapse video of our ride through the city from Wednesday. We also did a little bit of planning and setting up lessons with other people. After that it was dinner time but we found out that our dinner appointment was canceled. So we just ate at home. And we stayed in for the rest of the night because it was about three degrees and if you put the wind chill into the equation it was below 0.

Friday was also freezing cold so we couldn't do to much. We spent a lot of time planning and doing online lessons.

Saturday we had basketball in the morning and after basketball my companion had a meeting he had to go to since he is the district leader, so we were at the stake center for quite some time. When he got out of the meeting the snow was coming down really hard so they called it another snow day.  So we were stuck inside for another day. All we did was play board games and just chill. 

Sunday it was still snowy and they cancelled church and our mission president sent out a call out saying to stay inside unless you have planned appointments. We had a couple but they ended up canceling on us. We were able to get one lesson with a member. His name is Melvin Davis. He is really awesome.

Here some pics form the visit:

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