Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Busy Week Play by Play - 02/09/2015

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty good. Nothing too crazy:

Tuesday Elder Paul went to a members house for steak. I wish I was able to go over there but I had my steak 2 transfers ago and this member only feeds missionaries once. So another elder and me chilled out and I tried to set up appointments for later in the week but nobody answered. Then we got a text form our investigator telling he can't meet this week and that was a pretty big bummer. Then later all of the missionaries went to the home of a new senior couple in the Capital Hill Ward for dinner. They are really cool! Their mission is to work in the archives, scanning documents and digitizing those documents. Right now they are working on the homestead paper work and they just finished Arizona. They said this project is going to take years. It's very interesting what they get to do. The dinner was awesome. 

Wednesday I was able to go to the dentist and get my face drilled into. Yay!!! It actually wasn't bad at all. The dentist who is doing the work is very skilled and it doesn't hurt at all. I even fell asleep! During this appointment, he cleaned out all of the infection and he located all the roots so this Wednesday he is going to take the nerves out. I'm very grateful that I'm here in the U.S. and not in some third world country so I'm able to get care. That dentist appointment basically took our whole day till dinner, mostly because of traffic. 

Thursday I went on an exchange with the zone leaders and it was awesome! I went down to southern Maryland and I'm in love! There are farms everywhere and they actually have pine trees. That's the first time on my mission I have seen pine trees. Anyway we went and visited  two of their investigators. They are really cool and they are getting baptized in March.  Then we visited this guy who is going on a mission and we helped him get ready by helping him learn how to teach the 3rd lesson. It was really cool because it reminded me of mission prep. After that we went to dinner with an awesome family. Then we went and played basketball with a bunch of non members. Only problem was that I didn't bring my basketball shoes so I didn't really play. For the most part, that was the exchange. 

Friday we had an interview with our Mission President and it was actually really good. It helped give me a lot of motivation for the area I am serving in. It was something I for sure needed. Then we also had interviews with Sister Cooke, who is our mission presidents wife and that was also really great. She asked all about my tooth and about when we got sick a couple of weeks ago.  After that we had weekly planning. We made some plans for people we are going to focus on and we also decided that we are going to start working with less actives to see if we can get them to church and also see if we can get some investigators that way. After weekly planning i started teaching online lessons to some less actives and one former investigator. I didn't get to much of a response from some of them but I did see that they saw it so I hope it helped them out. After that we went to a family that's on the focus 15. She wasn't home but her boys were there so we talked to them and they are really cool. We are trying to get them to church. Only problem is that they need a ride just like everyone else in the ward. It is difficult because there are only a handful of members that have cars in our area. To make it even more frustrating they are only 3 blocks away from the church and they refuse to walk haha. After that we headed to the bus stop. On the way we talked to this really cool lady she was feeding like 20 stray cats. She was not interested but she was really cool. She said that her brother is a member and that shows how popular the church is. Most people we talk to have seen the missionaires at some point. 

Saturday was a pretty slow day we had to go into a different area that was pretty far away because my companion had to practice for a performance and we were there for s little while. After that we went to lunch at this pretty good burrito joint. It was a lot like Cafe Rio. Then we went to Target because my companion needed a charger for his razor but he didn't find it haha. By the time we got back we had only a couple of hours before dinner so I taught more lessons online. Facebook helps out a lot for reaching people you want to check on really fast. After I got done it was time to go to dinner and the DC South Elders invited us to meet the investigator that they are working with and we went to  sweet pizza place right next to the capital building. It was really cool! And the pizza was amazing. It's called We the Pizza if any of you are interested. The investigator we met was really cool! He's way into Star Wars, metal music and Mine Craft haha. I'm not sure how much he really want to progress right now. One of the main reasons he is meeting with missionaries is because his fiancee is Mormon. He was cool though. 

Sunday we went to church. All the lessons were good. Then we had to go strait to the Visitors Center because my companion had to perform. And that was are whole day:).

Today we had a zone activity and it was really fun. We played soda pong. Elder Paul and I did pretty good! We made it to the semi finals. And then we ate pizza. And that was last week. It was kinda slow but we got some good lessons in with some active members. 

So we do have some good things going on. Some of the email lessons I had were with Clayton and Owen in the home ward. I don't know why but I have been thinking about them. I talked to Owen to kinda see how some of the young men are going. I had a pretty good lesson with both of them. We should have good week this week. I find when I go to the gym early in the morning I'm a lot more motivated throughout the day and I haven't been able to go for the past couple of weeks so I am going to focus on that as well. I went to the gym today and I have had a lot more energy. So next week will for sure be better! I should probably go.  I have been obsessed the brushing and flossing for the last 3 weeks so I will continue that as well.

Have a great week! 

Love Elder Johnson  

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