Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Marie is Progressing, Stake Conference, and a Mission Fast - 06/06/2016

Happy Summer! Another enjoyable week on the mission! It is getting pretty crazy to think that it is going to be wrapping up hear shortly. My companion, Elder Crandall, goes home in 9 days, which is also very weird. Anyway here are some of the highlights from the week. 

On one of the days we were able to meet with Marie. She is still doing pretty well in progressing in the gospel. She is just going at her own pace, so it may be a while before she is baptized, which is fine with me. If she takes a little longer than most, then that's okay. We don't work with God at his pace, he only works with us at our pace. At the end of our meeting she even told us that we have helped her out a ton in her life, and she  said that when some of her life situations are figured out, she wants to be baptized. We are hoping that is coming very soon. 

Another big highlight of the week was most definitely stake conference. Every single talk was given so well. Sister Cooke gave an awesome take, President Cooke gave an awesome talk, and another person you all may be a little familiar with, Dick Marriott (guy who started the hotel business) spoke as well and he gave a very good talk as well. The spirit was definitely there. 

One of the highlights of the week for me was our mission fast. As a mission, we all fasted starting Saturday evening and ending Sunday evening. We all fasted for our areas and some personal things. All my life I have been struggling with fasting and I feel like I haven't really put to much effort into it. This time a tried to do better and it really paid off. It was a much better experience then ones I have had in the past. And over the next few weeks we will see the blessings coming from the fast.

Thanks for the emails everyone! Have a great week!!

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