Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day, Last Zone Conference & Death Testimony, Mariachi Baptism, & BYU Football Coaches Fireside!!! - 05/30/2016

What up what up! Hope you are all doing fantastic! Happy Memorial Day!
I hope you all had a wonderful day!

This past week has been pretty great, if I do say so my self. Monday we had a pretty chill day. We went down to a pretty nice mall. We mostly windowed shop cuz we ain't got money for dat. We did how ever get comp shirts for Memorial Day.

After our P-Day we were able to meet with the Gress's. They are a super awesome couple in the Kentland's ward. We were fortunate enough to sit down and get to know a little bit about them. Sister Gress has been an active member her whole life. Brother Gress is a convert to the church and he has a pretty cool convention story. Brother Gress is really into nature and this involves fishing. This led to us talking about Alaska for a good chunk of time haha.
Tuesday was a very long and bland day.  We spent a big hunk of our time running back and forth from the police station and our apartment trying to get all the things we needed to be able to file a police report for my wallet, that I lost a two weeks ago.

 Wednesday we had our Zone Conference which was awesome! All the training's that were given were really well done! It definitely has given me some new ideas on how to better my area. The conference was also very weird because this was mine and the Cooke's last one. At the end of the meeting they usually have the departing missionaries give their death testimony. And since I don't go home this transfer I thought I was safe... Wrong! They decided that all the people that are going home in July have to bare their testimonies as well. It was the weirdest feeling ever! Going to be honest, it doesn't really feel like my mission is coming to a close, but when I got up there, crap got real haha. After the zone conference we rushed back home to get to our area for our meal appointment. After the meal appointment we attended the baptism of someone the sister missionaries were teaching, it was pretty great.
Thursday was a service day! We were going to go out to the farm, but I sounded like they had nothing for us to do, so we helped Mary Ellen in her yard. While we were helping out we were able to talk with her non member daughter, who is visiting for the summer. It was great, being able to meet and talk with her. We are hoping that she will continue to have positive experiences with members of the church and hopefully she will start to become more interested. Crazy thing is, she will be going to school at UVU next fall so she will be surrounded by members.
Friday was a blast! Elder Crandall had his death dinner with the Cooke's, so I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Combs and Elder Porter. Us three came out on to the mission at the same time and I have been able to serve around both of them and they are some, best guys! We had a lot of fun while we were working.

Saturday I was able to attend another baptism of someone in the Gaithersburg ward! It was great to see a lot of the ward members who I use to be close with. For the baptismal program we were located in the chapel. At the same time as the program was going, the Spanish ward was having a full out fiesta! So right when the first speaker was baring her testimony, Mariachi music blasted from the cultural hall. It was pretty funny! We had to run and tell them to turn down the music till we finished. After the baptism we were able to the Landrith family for some fondue.

Sunday we had our normal services which are always great. After church we went to dinner at the Turley's home. The Turley's are an awesome family in the Kentland's ward! Sister Turley is a pretty accomplished singer. She played Cossette on Broadway for a number of years and since then she goes and speaks to large groups of women for Dessert Book. Brother Turley is an awesome guy! He was the first ward mission leader I had on my mission! Later that night we were able to attend a fireside put on by a bunch of BYU football coaching staff and players. It was pretty awesome! Afterwards they had a meet and great with all of them and a member from our ward gave me a football for all of them to sign it was pretty sweet! Thank you all again! Have a wonderful week!

Taysom Hill

Ty Detmer

Kalani Sitake

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