Monday, November 30, 2015

Turkey Bowl at the National Mall and Tracting for Dayzzz - 11/30/2015

Hello Everyone,
This week has been awesome! It was defenently one to remember. Monday, Elders had a Turkey bowl at the Washington mall. It was really fun! The team I ended up on was one of the best teams so we got to play for a long time. Along with playing football I got to see my trainer, Jimmy Loveless! He was visiting the mission and he stopped in and played some football! It was really good to see him...later that night we had a dinner appointment with a member and he took us to Cafe Rio! It was really good as always.
Tuesday we had our weekly meetings as always. We spent pretty much the rest of the day contacting people at the local metro stop. We met some pretty awesome people. One of them his name is D. He is from the South East. He was wearing a pretty beat up jacket with all the NBA team's logos on it. I asked him about it and he told me that bought it off a drunk guy. Anyway he seemed to like the message we shared so we got his contact information and sent it down to the elders in SE DC.
Wednesday we went tracting. We actually taught a few lessons! One of them was a Catholic Deacon. He is a really cool guy, he let us in and we had a great discussion. At the end of the lesson he told us that he let us into his home because he felt the Holy Ghost prompt him. We are hoping to get in contact with him this week so we can meet up with him again.
Thursday was Tthanksgiving! We started playing football with the ward. Then we got cleaned up and headed to member's home who invited us over. He were pretty much with this member and the family all day. It was a lot of fun, the food was really good and the people were awesome! After we had finished up with them he headed to another dinner with the Lacsamana's, who live up the street in the Gaithersburg Ward! It was great being able to see them. 
Friday we once again spent our day finding. We started off with tracting. We were having very little success. We finally knocked into a Hispanic lady who was willing to talk a little bit. It started off by her just talking about the bible and how she loves it so much. We were able to say a few things here and there, but she was doing the majority of the talking. Finally after probably 20 minuets she lets us in and let's us do some of the talking. After about 5 minutes we realize that her comprehension of English is not very high so we decided to play the short version of the restoration video in Spanish. During that video the spirit was so strong. She loved the video and it answered some questions that she had about our church. Apparently a few years ago she talked to some sister missionaries. At the end of there lesson one of the missionaries prayed in the name of Joseph Smith (oh bless her soul) so that turned her off from our church ever since. We were able to explain to her that we don't pray In the name of Joseph Smith.  She is really cool! We passed her off to the Spanish missionaries, so hopefully she will be able to progress in the gospel.
Saturday we went tracting... Yay!🎉 we spent a lot of time finding this week. We did not see to much success except for a lady that Elder Bentley contacted. She said she would go to church, so that's pretty cool.
Sunday was great! We had a random family show up. They were a part member family who wants to join an English Ward (they were attending the French branch) the only member was the mother. The father and two daughters were non members. After church the Dad comes up to us and asks us how they can become a member 😎 (best question ever!) we are going to set up an appointment with him this week and hopefully put him on date! The rest of Sunday was non stop running. We headed strait to our lunch appointment, after that we went contacting for a while then we had dinner and then we went on exchanges with one of the members of the Ward to help him out with his home teaching! It was an excellent day! 
Thanks for all the support! I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! Have an awesome week!


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