Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Investigators, Helping on the Farm, New After-Dark Rules - 11/24/2015

Hello Everyone!

This week had been a pretty good one. Monday was a pretty chill day. We just relaxed, went shopping and hung out with our roommates.  After Pday was over we headed over to a family for FHE. It was...different. So the mother of the family is Ex-Baptist so she is really into "PRAISE JESUS" kinda stuff so she was wanting my companion to play the piano while she sang some Baptist hymns for the first 15 minutes. While they were doing this I was just zoned out, staring at these fish in their fish tank attacking each other. It was a pretty interesting meeting. When we got to the lesson part, it went really well. We talked about some of the Commandments because one of the sons just got baptized and he needs to get the new member lessons.

Tuesday was our day of meetings, so that took up a good chunk of our day. Then we visited with one of the members. His name Gregory, he is from Russia and he has recently moved to the United States. He met the missionary's just a couple of years ago. He is a very funny guy.
After that it was about dinner time.  After dinner, we went to go help the youth at a youth activity.

Wednesday we went tracting for a while. We ended up finding two new investigators out of it. One of them is Ebert. Ebert loves the bible and he loves Christ. When we knocked on his door we gave the usual introduction and he was very kind but he wasn't interested. Then he went on some random shpeel about how he worked for the USPS for 40 years and he ended inviting us in to show off an award. He then proceeded to tell us all about the bible. Anyway about an hour and a half later we finally got a few minutes where we could talk. We found out that he had a Book of Mormon and he read it back when he was 19. He still had the Book of Mormon. So we showed him a few verses in the Book of Mormon and his mined was blown. He was very interested about learning more. Only problem is that he says he is very busy so we set up an appointment to meet with him in January. We will probably drop in on him before then so he doesn't forget about us. We also tracted into a guy named Mike who said we could come back Friday so we were pretty pumped about that.  And for the rest of that day we had appointments with members.

Thursday we went and helped out with the Madison field farm. They have purchased a massive house where they are going to board autistic adults.  So we helped move things all around the house. It was very tiring. After we had finished with that it was about dinner time so we changed and showered and so we headed over to some members. After dinner we went home and started calling people trying to set up appointments because that was one of the only things we could do. Our mission has created some new rules for the dark hours of the day because of all the crazy things that are happening in the world. So at night we pretty much have to be with a member at all times or be in our apartments doing some planning.

Friday we also spent a lot of time with members. We helped this one lady in our ward make T shirts. It was pretty funny. Elder Bentley and I made some comp shirts.  They are pretty funny. We also were able to meet with Mike. Mike is a super cool guy! He is from Panama and he has only been living in the area for a couple of months. He is Christian, but has very little knowledge of the bible. We taught him the first lesson and it was going alright. You could tell that he was having a hard time grasping the first couple a points. So we switched our teaching style. We tried to be very visual giving him lots of object lessons and using videos as well. And that started to work much better. As soon as we got to the Joseph smith story he was hooked. He wanted to learn more. He wanted to read the Book of Mormon and he wanted us to come back. We are very excited for him and being able to begin work with him
Saturday we spent time finding and making a new area map. And going to our wards coordination meeting.

Sunday was a topical Sunday. We were not able to get anyone to church. We should be able to get at least one next week.

Thank you so much for all the support you give! Have an awesome week!

🦃Happy Thanksgiving 🦃


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