Monday, July 13, 2015

Training a Greenie and Finding Efforts Underway - 07/13/2015

Hey Everyone,

This week has been pretty exciting. On Wednesday I recived the missionary who I am training. His name is Elder Rowley. He is an awesome guy. He is very hard working, which is good. It has been quite a change from my last couple of companions who went home on Wednesday, to a brand new missionary. It has been great. Exactly what I needed. It has been pretty stressful as well trying to get this area under control. I think it will all turn out though. I am for sure getting excited about my half way mark. By the end, I think I will be ready to go home haha.
This week have been doing lots of finding. We have been trying to contact referrals and also some tracting. It has been making me exhausted, which feels good in a strange way. Anyway I hope you have a great week. Thanks for the updates Byeee.   


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