Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hump Day, Golden Investigators, and Mountain Biking - 07/27/2015

Hello Everyone!!

I am so sorry about this late email that I am sending out. It has been a crazy day full of running around . This past week has been amazing. We were able to be apart of one of our investigators becoming a member of the church. We were able to participate in the confirmation. We were also able to see another investigator be baptized and I was able to perform that. It truly has been amazing to see the Lord work with these people. To prepare them to receive the gospel. As we walk and talk with tons of people it is quite clear that everyone is in a different state of life. And everyone is in a different phase a preparedness. Stephen and Latisha had been led to this point in their lives where they were humble enough to listen and to except the message because they felt the Holy Ghost. It's exciting to play just a very very small role in this process.
Thank you so much everyone who participated in the packages a received. That was an awesome idea. Haha I laughed so hard when I saw that everything was cut in half. I also love every single thing that was in there. So thank you!! It's been a crazy year and looking back on it a have found that I have grown so much (not in weight)  I am excited for the next one.

Today has been great as well! We were able to go Mt. Biking! It was crazy fun! Hopefully I will be able to send some videos to you all. Thank you for everything you all do. Sorry once again from that late email. 

Have a great week everyone!

Stephen's Baptism

Half of a Hump Day Care Package

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