Monday, May 25, 2015

Service, Excellent Investigators, and Happy Memorial Day - 05/25/2015

Hello Friends and Family,

This week had been very enjoyable. What a way to finish out another transfer! As always we were able to offer lots of service to people needing our help. We did lots of yard work. It reminds me of home and working out in the hot sun for hours. We have been doing service for a lady from France pretty much every day this week. Her and her husband are getting old so they have us come over to cut their grass, edge, pull weeds, and plant flowers. It's all worth it because she feeds us lunch...and I guess it feels good to help some one who is in need too. 

We also have been working with a family form the Phillipeans. We have been helping them out in more of the spiritual aspect of life. In this family there is the mom and dad and two kids, (one boy and one girl), these are the members who were baptized around 3 years ago and they are a really solid family in the ward now. The mom's sister and parents also live there. The sister has been living up in New York but due to some circumstances and a really cool story she has ended up living with her sister, so we have started to teach her. She is really excited about the gospel and she has a baptismal date for the 14th of June. We are also teaching the grandma because she became interested when the 4 members got sealed in the temple about a year ago. Only problem with her is that there is a language barrier between us so my companion has been skyping in his cousin who just finished up his mission in the Phillipiens and speaks Tagalog, so it works out really well. Anyway she is coming a long I'm pretty sure she will be baptized too. As for the grandpa, he doesn't seem to be interested, but we are thinking he will become more interested if the grandma is baptized.

Someone else we have been dealing with this past week is a former investigator named Moses. He is from India and he has a very very thick accident. He has only lived in the United States for about a year so he is trying to get a job. So to make a long story short Elder Brimhall and I had to take him from Gaithersburg MD down into DC so he can take some classes that help people get employed. We had to do this twice and it pretty took up the day both times. We did set up a teaching appointment with him for next Saturday so hopefully something good comes out of it. 

Things are going very well here and they are picking up in this Ward. So it should be another great transfer. I am not leaving, but my companion is so ill have to take over the area. So that is what happend this week  and we are getting a handle on it. Thanks for all of your support. Have a great week! And Happy Memorial Day! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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