Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Transfers, New Companion, and Gaithersburg - 04/20/2015

Hey everyone! How has it been? This week has been great!! As you all know it was transfer week and I got transferred. I was able to get transferred to probably one of the best wards in the mission and my companion is awesome! Lucky me. I am excited for this transfer to be able to get some work done.

The crazy part of this past  week was that not only did I get transferred to the Gaithersburg Ward but we also cover another Ward because we don't have enough Elders to cover areas so they combined some. So we will now be going to 5 hours of church plus meeting for both wards every Sunday whoopy! Ha ha I have never had so much church before in my life. Because of serving in two wards at once we are always doing something which is awesome! Both of the wards have some solid investigators. We will see how that goes. Sorry for the short email I was pretty busy all day and I haven't been around wifi, but hopefully you enjoyed this one. The next email I'll give you more information. Have a great week thank you all 

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