Monday, November 17, 2014

Haircuts, Dennis Pitta, and Thanksgiving - 11/17/2014

Thanks for the email. It means a lot as always. It sounds like you guys are really getting into the Christmas spirit the hard way hahaha. Oh I remember those long days for stringing lights up on the trees hahaha. It was for sure a love hate relationship, but I am going to look forward to do that again in a couple of years. This are going to same way here. The Washington DC temple visitor center is getting all holiday upped and it is looking awesome! There are tons of Christmas trees and there is this exhibit that shows all the manger scenes from all around the world. I will for sure get pictures and send them to you guys next week. 
     I am excited about your talk. It should be a good one just as always. Yes please send me a copy haha. 
   I was wondering if you could send me a diet plan for me. I have had a hard time deciding what I should eat. haha trying to put on some muscle.
   This week hasn't been to exciting but last night we were able to go to a fireside. And guess who spoke. It was Dennis Pitta and his wife. They were awesome!! I loved it. They are awesome members of the true church.
   Anyway I gotta go. I will for sure miss you guys on thanksgiving but you will have a great time. Tell Zach not to kill himself if he goes out Black Friday shopping. 
Love you dad so much. Sorry this email is all over the place.  Have a fantastic week! and I will talk to you next Monday.

Love Elder Johnson 

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