Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Helping on the Farm, Festival of Lights, a Baptism Date for Igor, and Christmas Caroling in Spanish?? - 12/14/2015

Hey Everyone! I am so sorry for this late email. It has been a pretty busy day. This week has been a great one. On Monday we relaxed the whole day and then some members took us out to Cafe Rio. After we finished up with that we went and visited the member who had passed out at church on Sunday. He seemed like he was doing okay. His health has been declining for the past little while now.
Tuesday we had our district meeting and then we headed up to the farm to help out with riding. It has been really fun. The kids we help are great. Every time they step up on to a horse they have the biggest smiles on their faces.
A lot of Wednesday was spent checking on referrals that we have gotten from the Temple's festival of lights. And to make a long story short, none of the referrals answered the door or their phone and so we had a lot of free time. Earlier in the week, a lady from the ward called us telling us about these neighbors who were wanting to learn more about the gospel. So we decided to call her and see if we could get the information about these people. She answers the phone, but she said she was really busy and she would call us back. So Elder Bentley and I we sitting in the car waiting for this member to call us back while this van comes up to us and starts honking at us. We rolled down the window to talk to the person and it turns out she was the mother of the member who was going to call us. We get talking and it turns out that she has all the contact information for these neighbors who want to learn more about the gospel. We call them up and one of them was home and available. We headed over to his place and taught the first lesson and now he has a baptismal date!! His name is Igor and he is a boss.

Thursday we went on an exchange with the young men's president. We visited some less actives and it helped us get to know the members a little better.
Friday we spent the majority of the day contacting people. And later in the day we went to the temple's visitor center for the Festival of Lights. It was great.

Saturday we went contacting at the metro stop. After we concluded with that we were invited to participate in singing to the elderly. Funny thing about it was that elder Bentley and I were the only English Elders and the rest were Spanish. So every few songs they would all bust out in Spanish and we would just stand there awkwardly haha it was pretty funny.
Sunday was stake conference and we once again had the chance to go back to the visitor center for Festival of Lights with one of our investigators.

Thanks for everything you do! If you could send me our address as soon as possible. Anyway have a great week!!

This is my Happy Face!!!!

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