Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Tyler's stay at the MTC has been eventful.  On the Monday after we dropped him off, we received a phone call from the MTC telling us that Tyler had been taken to the doctor, blood work had been done, and he would be seeing a surgeon on Friday, but we weren't allowed to speak to him.  That call literally sent a very concerned mother to the brink of insanity with worry.  Alice called back to the MTC and was read the medical report and that Tyler had been diagnosed with a boil.  While very painful, a boil is hardly life threatening and Alice was soon backed off of the ledge she had worked herself out on.

Elder Johnson has finally had a P Day and was able to reply to the slew of emails that have been waiting for his attention.  Because of the number of emails he had and the limited time that he had to respond, most were brief, but very touching and it was great to hear from him.  Loves his companion, Elder Porter, and they are getting along really well.  The overriding tone and message of his emails is that he is having an amazing, spiritual experience.  He's excited to actually get out into the mission field.

Last night I received a phone call from Brother Mark Waite.  Mark was serving in the Stake Young Men's Presidency while I was a Young Men's President and actually came and officially opened Tyler's Eagle Court of Honor.  Since serving in Young Men's, Mark and his wife were called to serve in the MTC and they are Elder Johnson's District Advisers.  They assist at the MTC to get the missionaries ready to go into the field.  Mark had several stories to tell and assures us that Tyler is going to be an incredible missionary.  Mark was able to provide a picture of Tyler with his district at the MTC:
All of these missionaries except the Sister in the green shirt are called to serve in the Washington DC North mission.  Tyler is standing next to his companion, Elder Porter (kinda reminds me of Tyler Ashton to me, but it is just one picture). I also found out that Elder Porter is the district leader.

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